MiMi & Glenn

Caustic Entertainment Group was founded by Glenn Johnson aka Trubble Phunk. Producer, writer and studio artist. Glenn and Mimi have worked very hard since 1993 to create a record label that would have lasting success. Glenn was born in Brooklyn, NY and has now ascended. (R. I. P. 1964 - 2002) WE LOVE AND MISS YOU TRUBBLE PHUNK! YOUR LYRICS AND MUSIC WILL BE SHARED FOREVER! 

Mimi Johnson was born in the Bronx, NY and now resides in Atlanta, GA. She has traveled the world gracing stages with her powerful voice, engaging rhymes, and captivating stage presence. She has packed out many venues world wide with Hiphop ~ Soul group Caustic Dames, where she performs as the lead vocalist. She is also tagged & known as "THE TRIPLE THREAT!" in the theater  & entertainment industry. 

MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT is her true gift and she stops at NOTHING to share it with the World!

Mimi Johnson is "THE TRIPLE THREAT!" & she  inspires all true lovers of real music and entertainment fulfilling the void of music & vocals of the grown women in the music industry.

In 2009, Mimi released her first solo project entitled "WOMAN". She is currently working on her second solo CD release entitled "SOCIAL BUTTERFLY" My Mothers Songs, featuring the compositions of Jazz and Blues World Renowned Vocalist and Composer, Diva Joan Cartwright, her solo sophomore CD is destined for platinum success. Over many years as a performer and recording artist, Mimi has maintained high energy and crowd turnouts. 

In 2013, Mimi Johnson established MJTV Network producing TV shows such as THE ARTS REPORTER WEBTV SERIES, THE SIBLINGS SITCOM, LASMAN TV SERIES, MJTV GLOBAL NEWS & NATURAL HAIRQUEST @ www.mjtvnetwork.info 

Mimi instills the greatness of true music  & entertainment back into your Life, Heart and Soul.  


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